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Showdown in Rincon
February 23 in Rincon, GA
All teams need to make sure that you have an updated roster online prior to this weekend's tournament.  If you need assistance, please email or call the Tournament Director and they will be happy to help you complete this process.  All teams must have a current insurance policy naming Top Gun Sports as additionally insured on file with the Top Gun Office prior to the start of the event.
All teams should be at the facility at least 1 hour before the scheduled game time.
Coaches - Please have your teams prepared to start their games earlier than the scheduled game time.

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Complex Address and Directions
MacomberMacomber Ball Park 1004 N. Lexington Ave Rincon, GA 31326
12U : BB
Team #Team NameLocationWonLostRuns
1South Ga Lady Sharks -JonesSpringfield , GA2.03.02114Pitching  Team Page
2Showtime Blackshear , GA5.00.0130Pitching  Team Page
3Velocity 07Rincon, GA1.03.01812Pitching  Team Page
4Elite Gamers 08-DixonRincon, GA1.03.0248Pitching  Team Page
12U : BB Division Pitching
Pool Play
Game #DayTimeFieldTeam ASTeam BS
1Sat10:00 AMMacomber:Field 5South Ga Lady Sharks -Jones1Showtime 8
2Sat10:00 AMMacomber:Field 8Velocity 075Elite Gamers 08-Dixon2
3Sat11:30 AMMacomber:Field 5South Ga Lady Sharks -Jones5Elite Gamers 08-Dixon6
4Sat11:30 AMMacomber:Field 8Showtime 8Velocity 070
5Sat1:00 PMMacomber:Field 5South Ga Lady Sharks -Jones8Velocity 077
6Sat1:00 PMMacomber:Field 8Showtime 14Elite Gamers 08-Dixon0
Gold Bracket
View Bracket
Game #DayTimeFieldTeam ASTeam BS
1Sat2:30 PMMacomber:Field 5Seed #1
9Seed #4
Elite Gamers 08-Dixon
2Sat2:30 PMMacomber:Field 8Seed #2
Velocity 07
4Seed #3
South Ga Lady Sharks -Jones
3Sat4:00 PMMacomber:Field 5Winner Game #1
9Winner Game #2
South Ga Lady Sharks -Jones

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