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NEW 2018 LOYALTY PROGRAMS--We now have 2 programs to choose from for teams to EARN FREE PAID BERTHS TO THE 2018 Top Gun SUMMER WORLD SERIES.


Play in any 10 tournaments in the spring.(Any time before July 15, 2018) And earn a FREE PAID BERTH TO THE 2018 TOP GUN SUMMER WORLD SERIES July 20-22, 2018


Play in any 6 tournaments regardless of location and CHOOSE any 2 of the below listed events.  For a total of 8 events.  (This program saves you 2 tournaments.) And earn a FREE PAID BERTH TO THE 2018 TOP GUN SUMMER WORLD SERIES July 20-22, 2018

1.            March 10th  1 Day Super Saver, Concord, NC

2.            March 24th 1 Day Price Buster, Concord, NC

3.            March 31st  1 Day Bunny Bash, Concord, NC

4.            April 28-29 Top Gun Spring National Championships-Concord, NC

5.            May 19-20 Top Gun Spring World Series--Concord, NC

6.            June 2-3 Summer State Championships 8u and 10u Only, Concord, NC

7.            June 9-10 Summer State Championships 12u, 14u & HS Only, Concord, NC

Teams must submit a request form to Robin to be entered into
the Summer World Series with the FREE PAID BERTH.
You must also send a list of the events that you have
played in to make you eligible for the FREE PAID BERTH. Loyalty teams are not required to play in the Zone Qualifier to activate their Free Paid Berth. 
The Top Gun Summer World Series for 2018 will be a

Pre Paid Event and all teams must be paid by the

Deadline Entry Date. There will be no refunds if your team pulls out after the deadline entry date.

 This includes any team that is

receiving Free Paid Berth to the event.

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