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Any team that plays in 11 tournaments prior to the Winter World Series or Winter National Championships will receive a FREE PAID BERTH to these events.
Example: Say you played in 8 tournaments in the spring but could only play in 3 in the fall that is still a total of 11 and would qualify your team for the Berth or vice versa what if you could only play in 3 tournaments in the Spring but played in 8 tournaments prior to the Winter World Series in the fall this would also qualify you for the Berth.

Note:  Loyalty teams are not required to play in

the Zone Qualifiers to activate their FREE PAID BERTH 

to the Summer or Winter World Series as long as they have played in the amount of tournaments required prior to the Zone Qualifiers 


The Top Gun Summer & Winter World Series for 2019 will be 

Pre Paid Events and all teams must be paid by the

Deadline Entry Date. There will be no refunds if your team pulls out after the deadline entry date.

 This includes any team that is

receiving Free Paid Berth to the event.

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